Meters of altitude

We are in Alpe Palù, reachable through different routes.
Choose your starting point.

We try with commitment, effort and speed to please everyone, just come to the restaurant and arrive before the rush hour, i.e. before 12.00, and within a short time we manage to give you a table, making you wait as little as possible. We do not take bookings by phone or email (we cannot handle them), so for a table with us you need only be patient and avoid the rush hour for long waits.

Our rooms built entirely of wood are perfect for your relaxation.

We have a good story
Year of construction of the mountain lodge

The surrounding nature is breathtaking both in summer and in winter and offers many activities.

Trekking, fishing, cross-country, skiing and snowboarding … the choice is up to you!

Our restaurant offers typical dishes of Valtellina cuisine with local products.
Good air, even better food!