In summer

In summer it is possible to reach:

in 2 hours and a half the Schwarzenstein (central mountain of the valley, from there you can admire the Bernina group, Monte Disgrazia and Pizzo Scalino, the main mountains of Valmalenco),

in 2 hours Monte Roggione (coveted for its breathtaking view, in fact it is the highest point from which you can admire the lake in its total splendor).

We are the fourth of the eight stages of the Alta Via della Valmalenco, a long-distance alpine path that winds in the mountains of our valley for about 110 km, which was conceived in 1975 (as the first Italian high path with a cultural vocation).

We are therefore a strategic point to reach other mountain lodges suitable for all guests.

For those who just want to relax and fully enjoy the mountains there is nothing better than lying by the lake.

In the period of August / September it is possible to collect blueberries, mushrooms and wild herbs including aneda, arnica and nettles. From mid-June to mid-October you can fish trout and char (with license).

In winter

In winter, for those who want to ski, it is possible to reach the slopes by snowmobile (round-trip service is always available to hotel guests, while for restaurant customers we only return).

The route winds above the frozen lake, and following it becomes a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

For lovers of cross-country skiing there is a path of about 5 km that runs through the woods and connects roundly to the lake.

For children (and not only) bobs and sleds are available for days of total fun.

Moreover, during the winter period it is possible to reach us from San Giuseppe directly with the snowshoes.