We have a beautiful

100-year-old story.
Built in 1925 by Giuseppe Dell’Andrino
(mountain guide of that time),
the mountain lodge has always been owned by his family,
from generation to generation.

Year of construction of the mountain lodge
Rifugio Palù

was built between 1928 and 1929 by Mr Giuseppe Dell’Andrino (known as Nino), after 5 years of war. In 1930 it was opened as Rifugio Palù and was affiliated to the CAI of Desio for 4 years.

When Giuseppe Dell’Andrino died (1980), his son Giovanni Dell’Andrino carried it on until 1984.

After his death, Giuseppe Dell’Andrino (known as Beppe) took it over and he is still the manager.

Until 1984 the lodge was only with summer service; with the restructuring of the kitchen (in 1991) and of the lodge (in 2009) the winter service was also started.

Thanks to renovations
it is nowadays a comfortable and easily accessible lodge, suitable for any type of guest (elderly / young / families).